Reporter feels vindicated after NPR's statement condemning her firing

Times Free Press (March 28, 2017) 

"Jacqui Helbert said she feels vindicated after National Public Radio released a statement Monday condemning the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for firing her from WUTC."

NPR raises concerns about firing of Tennessee reporter

Associated Press ( March 28, 2017) 

"Reporter Jacqui Helbert was dismissed from her job at WUTC-FM last week by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, which holds the radio station's license. Her firing raised questions about whether legislators, who control the university's funding, pressured the school into dismissing her. Legislators disputed those allegations."

NPR issues statement rebuking UTC's firing of WUTC reporter

NPR issues statement rebuking UTC's firing of WUTC reporter

"National Public Radio issued a statement Monday rebuking UTC's decision to fire a WUTC-FM reporter, pointing out that removing the controversial article she wrote was a breach of NPR standards.

Journalism ethics at center of WUTC employee's termination (March 24, 2017)

"A fired WUTC-FM employee disputes that she violated journalistic ethics while reporting a story about a high school gay-straight alliance that recently visited lawmakers in Nashville to discuss proposed "bathroom bill" legislation."

Did Legislators Get a Public Radio Reporter Fired?

Nashville Scene (MAR 25, 2017)

UTC also seems determined to damage Helbert’s credibility as much as possible. When the Scene first spoke with Heddleston on Thursday, he said Helbert was fired for not disclosing she was a journalist. When he called again on Friday, he said Helbert had also “edited comments from Books that seemed to fit her story” — i.e., had cut and spliced the tape to make Brooks say something he hadn’t said, an incredibly serious journalistic transgression. 

UTC fires reporter over bathroom bill reporting after local lawmaker complaints

Times Free Press (March 24, 2017) 


"If the politicians can threaten to withhold money from the University and control the reporters, it totally discounts having [the] press," she said. "... the fact that lawmakers seem to be emboldened to bully people until they get their way and censor the press is just absurd."